Saturday, April 4, 2009

N. Korea Launches Rocket

When Jim from Michigan called News Talk Online on on Friday to express his concerns about the impending launch of a North Korea rocket I downplayed the threat. Perhaps I misjudged.

Tonight the North Koreans launched the rocket, one that analysts say has the capability to reach and deliver a warhead to Alaska.

The rest over the Pacific is causing global concern, especially in South Korea, Japan, over which the rocket passed, and the United States.

Of course, it shows that North Korea is more interested in saber rattling than it is in providing food and electricity to its own citizens.

President Obama had warned Pyongyang that should it launch the rocket as threatened North Korea would suffer consequences from the international community. But he has not said what action his administration would propose.

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Anonymous said...

OK what am I missing? They did launch this rocket? and to who? where is it going? what will it do when it gets there?

pinoy2 said...

too sad abut this news... hopfully they stop it, we need peace

Vandenplas84 said...

By first reports the launch has failed but has proved more sucessful then the last one. Is it a threat? at the moment no. The rocket took weeks to get ready and I believe that the koreans are not going to waste there plutonium on a warhead which has no guarantee to even reach a neighbouring country. The koreans are at least 10 years in becoming a threat and even then the economy would have colloapsed by then and the leadership wont have the guts to do anything anyways.