Friday, April 24, 2009

News Talk Online April 24, 2009: The Evolving Relationship Between The U.S. And Israel

Two new governments are in place in the United States and Israel. And many people are wondering what the relationship will be between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We'll get some insight into that when the two leaders meet next month in Washington.

Netanyahu is, thus far, rejecting the notion of establishment of a Palestinian state - a key component of Obama's vision for Middle East peace. The potentially resulting rift between the two could isolate Israel which has enjoyed extensive support of the United States no matter the party represented by the various occupiers of the White House.

And of course, whatever course is taken must ultimately be supported by the Palestinians. A daunting task given the rift between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

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DangerRus said...

Adjustment of my position has to be noted for the record. I have to first assert my position that I do not agree with the policies or tactics promoted by the Israeli Foreign Minister, Lieberman. In my estimation I find them counter-productive to peace and are or the position they are ethnically biased and therefor unacceptable to my sensibilities. On that note though I must concede the point of Boaz, the host of the day, that it is a political necessity for the current Israeli government. While during the show I commend Netanyahu for getting a large contingent of right wing support and moving to a moderate position I have to concede the point that such appointments are necessary to keep Netanyahu in power. It was quite absurd of me to only want what I considered to be the good without fully contemplating the decisions Netanyahu had to make to keep his government alive. In order to move moderate he would have certainly needed to make concessions to the people who form his coalition. Point taken Mr. Frankel.