Tuesday, April 7, 2009

News Talk Online April 7, 2009: Carlos Miller

News photographer Carlos Miller was photographing police investigating something in a construction zone. The police arrested him and smashed an expensive camera lens. He was acquitted of most of the charges - except resisting arrest, which he is appealing.

Miller created a blog to talk about his legal fight. But soon after he launched Carlosmiller.com - which declares Photography Is Not A Crime, It's A First Amendment Right - a funny thing happened. He began getting reports from all across the nation of other photographers who were being harassed by the police. Miller joins us now live on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com


Anonymous said...

Photographers and reporters simply need to NOT get in the way of a cop working, cover the story don’t become it. and cops need to chill out not everything they disapprove of is an arrest able offense.

Ranch Chimp said...

This is nothing but BS! The reporter's half the time are not interfering with police matter's, and as far thing's like "resisting authorities" hell...all you have to do is "sneeze" or scrath your nose to get that crap layed on you...and in the process of subdueing you...you can easily end up with an arm fracture or just about anything else. Cop's just are pissed about folk's taking pictures cause they feel that the pictures are just to find fault with them in many cases. And the peoples should push on this. What we are seeing more and more...is what can eventually lead to a police state type country, of coarse...they will feed us crap about it's for our own good. I am sick and tired of these incompetent SOB's in politic's that seem to know what's for our own good to begin with, they cant even control their own damn bowel's. Thank You Sir!

PS: For those who say that a police state cant happen...BS...your blind if you think that...most folk's 30 year's ago wouldnt figure the regulation's of today were possible either.

Disgusted said...

It's amazing how people just assume the police are always wrong. That certainly is Carlos Miller's style. His blog is nothing more than disgusting police bashing. I hope he has a crack whore on speed dial if his own is burglarized. He obviously has so much contempt for the police he'd never call 911.