Wednesday, April 8, 2009

News Talk Online April 8, 2009: Assessing Obama's Overseas Trip

President Obama's glowing reception overseas was no accident.

That's because the new commander in chief's first international tour was as much a campaign swing as it was global summitry.

The reason is simple: While Obama and his strategists wanted to come home with some tangible results, they were even more interested in laying the groundwork for bigger prizes later on.

And the only way to move notoriously stubborn international elites in America's favor, especially after the chilly relations of the Bush years, is to win over their people first.

So begins the NY Daily News' assessment of President Obama's first overseas trip.

While many people agree, there are those who believe he put America down, or didn't define the United States in strong enough terms.

What do you think of the president's trip to Europe, Turkey and Iraq?

Let's start with political correspondent Alan Jasie.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know the cost of Obama's trip.
Whilst I know that there needs to be a fair amount of security on a visit to a foreign country but this event was more like the staging of a movie.

Anonymous said...

It was very disturbing to hear Obama put down the USA! His comments about this country not being Christian Jews or muslims , but just citizens, was a denial of our Judeo, Christian heritage.
Does this come out of Black Liberation Theology??
Obama asked the nations to assist in fighting the war in Afganistan and was denied, B Erb