Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pakistani Troops Push Back At Taliban

Battleground district in yellow

What has all the appearances of a heated battle is underway between Pakistani troops and the Taliban. A move made necessary by the bold actions of the Taliban, moving into territory a mere 90 miles from the capital as fears rise that the government could collapse.

Among the casualties inflicted - the Pakistanis report the death of a local Taliban commander.

The battleground is located in the Lower Dir district of Pakistan.

Western nations, perhaps most notably the United States, are showing increasing concern over the recent ability of Taliban forces to strike with relative impunity. The prospect of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal in the hands of the Taliban should Islamabad eventually fall is untenable.


Anonymous said...

This situation in Pakistan is becoming incresingly disturbing. The Taliban already control 18 of the 20 provinces in the Swat region, looks like with this new incursion they are consolidating their position on the Nortwest Frontier. Since these 2 districts abutt each other this will give them a strong position to strike either northwards into Afghanistan, or in a southerly direction into Pakistan.
The Pakistani Government is already weak, and such strikes will only weaken them, making them appear even more vulnerable. The problem is that the more power the 'insurgents' ( and I think we all know who they are) gain, the more vulnerable the nucleur facilities become. The Taliban are only about 60 miles away from Islamabad ...... no distance at all.
It would be interesting to know what Pakistanis living abroad feel about this situation.

DangerRus said...

This has always been the area of concern for the War on Terror. This is the base of operatins for the fight against the Russians and now against NATO forces. It is further complicated by the fact that elements within ISI support the Taliban. Those ties were never severed after 2001 and we in the west have never addressed the issue as we plowed billions of dollars into the Pakistani military machine which in part was funding the insurgency according to NATO member Nations. All I can say is welcome back America to the War on Terror, our vacation in Iraq is over. Can we win? At this point the anawer is clearly, no. We let too much slide as we focused on non-essential activities. Though with such dire straights for the Pakistani government they might invite assistance from the west which would allow our militaries to go in and clean out the safe havens. Cross your fingers but this is what we needed.

Vandenplas84 said...

What the western world fails to realise there is millions of muslims willing to die for 'the cause' The war in pakistan has been going on for years and even though the militants had a poor poll results the gun rules. We made a big mistake focusing on iraq for so long and even now NATO is still diddling about troop numbers and a clear objective. The muslim radicals at the very least feel the momentum on pushing forwards and eventually western interests.