Thursday, April 9, 2009

War On Terror Continues In England

The Obama administration has stopped referring to the "war on terror" in the United States. But it's alive and well in England, though the circumstances prompting the latest action against suspected terrorists are a bit of an embarrassment.

A dozen suspected terrorists have been rounded up in England. But the hand of authorities was forced when a counter-terrorism police official exited his car outside of 10 Downing Street for a meeting, a secret document about the terrorist organization in hand - and in open view.

Photographers snapped images of the official carrying the documents. Prompting a move on the terrorists before they could escape the now-revealed dragnet.

Unfortunately, the incident is prompting more discussion about the officer's blunder, which some are trying to turn into political hay, than the terrorist threat itself. It is the latter, rather than the former that deserves our attention.

Last year the British government issued a warning about an increased threat to the homeland - not necessarily from expatriated citizens of other nations - but by British subjects. But the bulk of those arrested in this operation are not British nationals, but Pakistanis there on student visas.

Regardless, anyone who thinks there no longer are terrorists bent on bringing down Western governments, is sadly mistaken. There may be political reasons why the Obama administration is downplaying the war on terrorism. But rest assured, like in the UK, here in the United States the threat, and the war, continues.

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Anonymous said...

Gary, dear. It's not a war on terror. It's an overseas contingency operation. Surely the Brits know this!

Sadly, the Obama administration (Napolitano specifically) desire to live in a dream world wherein one does "tea" with, and offers bows of subservience to, Muslim leaders while snubbing Queen and country.

This is not a "safe world". We "got along" with Muslim nations before 911, more or less, by refusing to act on terrorism when it first reared it's ugly head. The crescendo was 9-11.

I can only hope England stands firm on calling it what it is: a war on terrorism. Maybe that will be one British example we'll decide to follow again?

-LD McLellan

Vandenplas84 said...

Right on gary, the internet and paltalk rooms are the best way to get information on extremism. the chances of getting affected by terrorism is millions to one at the moment BUT the extrmists have been fighting for 1400 years and victory is when islam itself collapses. Be aware and dont be terrorised and we will always have the moral high ground.

Brizter said...

In response to the post by Vandenplas, I very much doubt that the police found Paltalk chat rooms the best way to get information on terrorism, or that the goal of the UK and other Western democracies is the collapse of Islam.

We are dealing with a minority of extremists who corrupt faith in order to serve their own political agenda.

The UK remains on a 'severe' threat level, and Manchester residents in particular have been reminded to be extra vigilant at present.

The fact that these alleged terrorists are Pakistanis living as students in the UK is a new development as until now the main threat seemed to have been from UK born citizens of Pakistani descent.

It's crucial that the threat is taken seriously and the police and security services are to be congratulated if indeed it turns out that a major terrorist threat has been averted.

It is equally important that the overwhelming majority of muslims are not tarred with the same brush as potential terrorists.

The link with Pakistan does need to be closely examined. Gordon Brown said today he would speak to Pakistan's president to raise concerns about what he termed "increasing" terror links between Pakistan and the UK.

Mr Brown said: "We know that there are links between terrorists in Britain and terrorists in Pakistan. That is an important issue for us to follow through".