Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Happens After The Americans Leave?

What happens after he leaves?

I was listening to a conversation on Paltalk the other day about how a post-U.S. invasion Iraq may look. One person suggested that Iraq will "go back to the way it was before the invasion."

Perhaps, after the coalition troops withdraw, some Iraqis will pine for the Saddam days. When, although there was a tyrant at the helm, they didn't have to fear lawlessness.

Patrick Cockburn, writing in Counterpunch, the online political newsletter, reports that insurgent Sunnis-turned-coalition allies fear retribution once the U.S. troops depart.

Cockburn reports that there've already been attacks against the Sunnis by a weakened al Qaeda in Iraq. And the fear is that those attacks will be stepped up once Old Glory is lowered for the final time.

The United States owes the Sunni Awakening Council peacemakers who are already being targeted some sense of security once the troops withdraw. Let's hope the Obama administration recognizes this responsibility and has factored their vulnerability into its withdrawal plans.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone knows what will happen? I pray for an improvement over the worst.

Kathy Knechtges

Anonymous said...

I have my doubts about whether or not we will ever leave. My hunch is that we will just move next door to Afghanistan, then move back later. We don't seem to be happy unless we can have at east one stupid war going, somewhere. Maybe we can pay Taliban fighters to throw desert rocks and poppy seeds at Somali pirates? KBR/Halliburton can provide logistics.

Ivan Hentschel

Anonymous said...

THE FEAR OF ATTACK BY AL Qaeda is reality for the Sunnis since they supported the coalition. As we do in every country, where we have gone to war, we do leave American boots on the ground. For how long. and how many, only time will tell. Jamie_38

nancy bas mo 3agram said...

Iraq is going to be in a mess for awhile. Their main issue is going to be having a choice and say in their government, which if Iraq does right, it should be able to pick itself back up again. However, for us, the money we poured into the war effort is going straight back into the economy.