Monday, May 11, 2009

41 Cops Killed In Line Of Duty In U.S. Last Year

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Just in case we need to be reminded that police work can be dangerous - the FBI today released statistics on the number of officers killed in the line of duty in the United States last year.

According to the FBI, 41 police officers died while performing their jobs in 2008. That's 17 fewer officers killed than in 2007.

Ten of those who died were killed while attempting to arrest suspects. Eight during car chases or stops. Seven during tactical situations. Six while investigating suspicious people or situations. Six were ambushed. Two were conducting investigations when killed. One was responding to a disturbance call. And one was killed while transporting a prisoner.

Most of the cops - 35 - were gunned down. Four were killed by vehicles and two died when a bomb went off.

The deaths on duty of police officers reminds us that, even those who are well trained and armed are vulnerable. It also may explain why police officers sometimes act aggressively when making traffic stops or when otherwise in contact with citizens.


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