Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Ambitious Plan For Middle East Peace

King Abdullah

The Obama administration's plan for peace in the Middle East expands beyond the borders of Israel and the Palestinian territories and calls for the recognition by the Arab world of the state of Israel.

But failure of this plan to work could result in war in the Middle East.

That preview - and assessment - comes from Jordan's King Abdullah in an interview with the Times of London.

Abdullah, who is helping to put the proposal together, says it's imperative that this plan, which would also set Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon, work, in order to avert all out war in the Middle East.

Obviously, this proposal is a marked and ambitious departure from anything previous administrations attempted to broker. The key component for the Israelis is the recognition - finally - by the Arab nations of the state of Israel. An acknowledgment that Israel has the right to exist.

But in return, Israel may be called upon to give up even more land - the Golan Heights - for example. And the biggest issue may still be the Palestinians. Which Palestinian entity does one call upon to recognize Israel? And if one does, and the other doesn't, how does that stop the immediate conflict that has claimed so many lives on both sides?

Hand in glove with this is that Israel's new prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is, thus far, not embracing a two-state solution with the Palestinians.

Still, it's time for the Arab nations to grow up and acknowledge Israel's right to exist. That would be a huge step toward a regional solution to the problem. And if King Abdullah is right, it would avert a bigger catastrophe than the one in the Middle East today.

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anthony said...

my point would be Isreal has all the rights we do ,,thats me though ,,(ant265 pal)

Boaz Frankel said...

Israel being recognized by all arab nations and in return Israel gives away more land, even Jerusalem...this sounds very familiar to me...that is...we have a similar brewing situation right here in the USA...Has any one noticed that gasoline prices have been steadily climbing since the presidential elections ?? So the question is how much more are we Americans willing to pay for a gallon of gas before we say.."It's too expensive"..How much more time to we give North Korea and Iran to develope their nuclear programs before we say..."It's too dangerous"

Anonymous said...

Oh how cosy.............. let's not ask the main protagonists with Israel, let's ask someone else who has a vested interest in the area and let them make all our decisions for us!!! What nonsense!
It has been pretty obvious for the past few weeks that Jordan have been cosying up to Obama..... and the message they are giving is that this is not a single nation issue it's with the whole of the Arab League. Israel is dealing with the Palestinian Authority, whilst Obama is negotiating with the Arab League!!! Well, easy to guess where he hammer is going to fall now isn't it?
Israel must do what it needs to do to survive.... yet with the weight of opposition, both is fact and in essence this is becoming a veritable David and Goliath battle ( and let us not foolishly thing that the PA is David!!) But guess what.... David won!
In the UK we have a saying...... 'much wants more', this saying typifies this situation, with Israel as the giver, and the PA as the taker. When is this administration going to ask what the PA is prepared to give? Or have they fallen into the carefully plotted scenario that the PA have set where they're the 'victims' and Israel the mighty aggressor? Looks like it.
I hope you have this as a topic on Newstalk cos I for one am spitting feathers on this!