Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bibi Won't Be Moved On 2-State Plan

Even a king can't sway Benjamin Netanyahu. Perhaps a president can but, in all likelihood, today's meeting between the Israeli prime minister and Jordan's King Abdullah is a precursor to Netanyahu's meeting Monday with President Obama. And in all probability, the same result will ensue

Obama has enlisted Abdullah's help - and that of the rest of the Arab world - in guiding the Palestinians and Israelis to a peace accord. But for it to work, Israel would have to recognize the Palestinian's right to a homeland. Something that even with Abdullah's prodding today, Netanyahu continues to reject.

So long as he says no to Palestinian statehood and the Palestinians say no to recognizing Israel's legitimacy and borders it really doesn't much matter what the United States, King Abdullah and the rest of the world thinks.

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Anonymous said...

The Palestinians need to recognise that concessions work BOTH ways.
Abdullah and Obama need to recognise that Israel is a sovreign nation.