Friday, May 15, 2009

Egyptian Religious Ministry Official Calls Jews Pigs, Says They Need To Be Slaughtered

I've long held that you can't control what's in the hearts and minds and souls of others - and if someone wants to live with hatred in all three, then it's a toxin that person needs to deal with.

But when a government official spews putrid hateful comments designed to get others to follow, then it's time to pressure that government to muzzle the hater.

Once again, we see the ugliness of anti-Semitism raising its head in Egypt where a religious endowments ministry official is declaring that the Jews of today are descendants of pigs and should be slaughtered.

It's interesting that these repeated anti-Jewish missives from Egyptian officialdom (I previously reported on state-run newspapers posting similar opinion pieces) come in advance of President Obama's scheduled trip to that nation. A trip where he is going to address the world's Arabs.

Let's hope that while he speaks out for peace and understanding between the Middle East and the West, and presumably calls for peace between the Israelis and the Arabs he uses his bully pulpit to address this issue of official hateful declarations against the Jews.

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