Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Wonder If Bill O'Reilly Now Regrets Calling George Tiller 'Tiller The Baby Killer'

They are just words, aren't they Bill O'Reilly? Referring to late-term abortion doctor George Tiller as "Tiller the baby killer."

But now, Tiller is dead. Murdered in his church while attending Sunday services.

I wonder if the Fox News Channel host now regrets his words. Or whether he'll push ahead and simply express regret about Tiller's murder. But standby what he called him.

There are many reasons to oppose late term abortions. But no justification for what happened today. Those of us who are in the public eye, encouraging our audiences to take one point of view or another, need to be careful to be certain that our words don't encourage people to cause harm upon others, even by implication.

I don't know if the person who killed Dr. Tiller even watched O'Reilly, nor whether, if he did, O'Reilly's words motivated his actions. But I do know that what we say can influence our respective audiences. And that what we say are not just words.


Anonymous said...

Gary, I dont think Riley had a thing to do with the whacko that killed this Dr. There is a idiot on PT that actually takes pictures of women going in and out of abortions clinics then post their pictures on a web page. He even has a web site with Drs. personal info such as home addresses and phone numbers. A whacko is just that. A whacko. People have every right to disagree about issues in this country but you have no right to take a life just because you disagree. Stop blaming others for whackos being whackos.

Anonymous said...

wELL Gary, he had been shot and wounded once before but that didn't mean he should have been killed, Late term abortion is brutal and inexcuseable. it is murder in my opinion.tHE INFANTS BODY IS RETRIEVED OUT OF THE UTERUS WITH FORECEPS AND THE SKULL IS CRUSHED TO EXPEDITE ITS REMOAVAL. mAKES ME SHUDDER JUST TO PICTURE THIS BIZARRE CRUELTY. hE WAS A HIGH PROFILE PERSON AND SOMEONE WAS STALKING HIM, WE PERHAPS WILL HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS TODAY. JAMIE_38

Anonymous said...

First of all, "Tiller the baby killer" was not a term O'Reilly came up with, this lable has followed Dr, Tiller for years. Second, He WAS a baby killer. So easy to throw away life when life is inconvieniant. We spend billions of dollars to save lives yet make it easy to destroy it with the unborn. I guess its because the unborn don't pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

What do we call the women that go into the clinic for the abortion. Personally I would rather have a Dr. do an abortion then some butcher in some shady hotel.

Lonesome Dove said...

Actually, your entry pinpoints what I feel is one of the most basic problems in our country today - the adamant refusal of far too many individuals to accept personal responsibility for their actions, along with your mindset that circumstances, influences, or others should or could possibly share a portion of the burden for another's wrongdoing.

Yes, words, rhetoric, people we admire (or distain), events and environment shape and influence our lives, but certainly don't hold sway over us or wipe out free will.

Whether Bill O'Reilly does or doesn't regret the murder of George Tiller is really irrelevant to the fact of his murder, in my opinion and to single him out as a possible mitigating factor in in that death is very wrong on your part. There are many of us who feel that George Tiller WAS a murderer and a baby killer, because quite simply HE KILLED BABIES! Soft peddling or sugar coating his CHOSEN profession by calling him an "abortionist" (in contrast to baby killer) doesn't change what he was or did for a living. Late term abortions are particulary heinous. I consider those who decide it's the best choice for their life and those who perform these ghastly procedures, despicable. That is not, however, to say that I condone the murder of George Tiller; I do not.

For the sake of argument hypothetically let's say Osama bin Laden is captured and murdered before he can be brought to trial - by one of your regular listeners. Should you and would you feel remorse for any words or rhetoric you might have uttered publicly or privately that others might feel was inflamatory? As you know, there are those pacifists and anti-death penalty supporters who believe that the taking of another human life under ANY circumstance, for any reason, is wrong. Do you feel you would share a portion of responsibility and guilt with the person who killed Osama? Just curious where you draw the line, if we all have to adhere to your line and how you choose who gets benefit of that line and of course, who doesn't Would that make you the Line Sheriff, Gary? :)

Gary Baumgarten said...

You are equating Dr. Tiller to Osama bin Laden?

Anonymous said...

I doubt he O'reilly could care one way or the other. We are talking about him and that he is now part of the story must make him fell happy.