Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Saudi Arabia It's Not Enough To Tear Up The Credit Cards

The commonly accepted response to a spouse or significant other maxing out your credit card in the United States is to get out a pair of scissors and destroy the cards. But in Saudi Arabia it's apparently OK to slap your wife.

That's right - slap her.

In the USA if a man slapped his wife for running up a credit card bill he'd go to jail. Not so in the KSA where a judge has actually ruled that a man can slap his wife if she spends too much money.

Ah .... such an enlightened society. And yet, from their perspective, we are treating our women with disrespect for "allowing" them to wear revealing clothing. (That doesn't stop Saudi men from traveling to the west for their fair share of debauchery. But I digress).

And you wonder why the West and Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia fail to find common ground.

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