Sunday, May 24, 2009

Iran Blocks Facebook

No gays and now no Facebook in Iran

If you have any friends from Iran on your Facebook the chances are you won't be able to contact them any longer.

The French news agency AFP is reporting that Iran has taken Facebook down because President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's opponent is using the social networking site to reach potential voters.

So much for a free "election" in Iran!


Annemiek said...

Iran DCI has NOT ONLY blocked facebook but Twiiter just an hour ago! These people are shameless.
Internet censorship, this is so emotional , they are. still living in Westophobia.

I wonder if iran shut off facebook to Iranians so if they get attacked by Israel it will be harder to communicate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary- My Name is Mr Bean here.

Anonymous said... Iran Bans Twitter and Facebook for Election.

Meanwhile Microsoft is confirming that it is cutting off Windows Live Messenger service for users in five countries that are “subject to United States sanctions. .
“users in Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan and North Korea can no longer IM with Windows Live Messenger.”

Anonymous said...

Guysen reports that Iran have banned and discussions about the Nucleur issues with anyone in the West until after the elections next month.

See, an uninformed population can be manipulated!! In my opinion this all has to do with Ahmedinejad wanting to manipulate situations in order to secure his return to power.