Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iran Jumps On The Swine Flu Conspiracy Band Wagon

The other day I reported that Egypt is officially blaming Israel for the swine flu - that nation's excuse to destroy all of its pigs. It should be noted that the pig farmers are Coptic Christians in predominantly Muslim Egypt.

Now, state-run Iranian TV is joining the chorus, but with a slight variation, claiming that the swine flu is an American-Zionist conspiracy.

So we are back to blaming the Jews for all the evils of the world. Take note. This is the kind of rhetoric that influenced population bases to make the Holocaust possible. And don't say it couldn't happen again. Just scroll down and read about the Holocaust survivors who were just attacked by Nazi thugs.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me, how do you deal with a nation like this?
How can you take the word of a Government that deals in dissinformation and preys on ignorance in order to attempt to gain advantage of their perceived enemies?

I love my BOYS, said...

I'm not surprised @ all, more they open their mouth, more stinks all over,they are taking every effort to prove their Stupidity, whit out any body'shelp, It is sad to see where Iran Ends up (bunch of Low Life criminal leaders) more we hear from Iranian leaders more we are ashamed of .friend of minefrom Tehran, sent me a very disturbing E.mail among an 8 years old kids picture says "An 8 years old child was cught in a market in Iran for stealing bread. in the name of ISLAM he is being punished . Hi's arm will be crushed by a car.He will loose for ever possibility to use Hi's arm again ,,,, This is religion of PEACE & LOVE,,,,,what else we expect ,,,,Shame on you Iranian terrorist leaders