Monday, May 4, 2009

News Talk Online May 4, 2009: Liberals Worry About Supreme Court Pick, Terrorist Attack Predictions, Iran's Latest Threat

Surprisingly, some liberals are concerned that President Obama's choice for the seat soon-to-be vacated by Justice David Souter on the U.S. Supreme Court may be too moderate for their tastes. This is particularly interesting because so many conservatives claim Obama is a socialist or even a Marxist.

A renowned Israeli terrorism expert is predicting attacks on the U.S. homeland in the next several months.

And an Iranian general is bragging that his army could "wipe out" Israel in 11 days.

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THE LonesomeDove said...

Considering the nuggets of dung that continue to form in Obama’s mind and fall from his lips, this American is alarmed at the thought of a potential list of nominees far more suited to the Supremes than the Supreme Court. All this folderol and blather about looking “outside the box” for nominees that demonstrate empathy for ordinary people and rely on more than “abstract legal theory”, is distressing. Supreme Court justices will now be chosen not only on the basis of gender and race now, but their empathy? Make no mistake, it’s well known that “ordinary people” in Obama-speak clearly translates to specific groups of chosen people who march to the tune and blow the horn of liberal ideology.

There are MILLIONS of us who fervently feel that Supreme Court justices should have a solid working knowledge and RESPECT FOR THE LAW, and that during working hours, they need have empathy and understanding for no one and nothing, but THE CONSTITUTION.

The Obama presidency is the epitome of the reason why one should NEVER allow anger and dissatisfaction with their party's candidate manifest itself in the crossing of party lines and voting for a demagogue. It’s frightening to realize that he now has the power to nominate Supreme Court justices and we’ll all be exposed and subjected to the possibility of unconstitutional decisions being handed down by incompetent Supreme Court justices for many, many years to come.