Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama Reinstating Gitmo Tribunals

On the heels of his flipping on the issue of releasing additional photos of terrorist suspects who have undergone extreme interrogation (first he didn't oppose their release now he does), President Obama is now backtracking on eliminating military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

The Associated Press is reporting that the administration will, later today, be announcing a reinstatement of the tribunals but with more guarantees of legal protection for the detainees on trial.

This will be heralded by those who don't believe the terror suspects should be tried in the civilian criminal courts. Opponents of that policy - which still remains in effect - fear information that could compromise national security might come out in public testimony. They also fear the eventual release into their communities of suspected terrorists who may be exonerated at trial.

But those who hoped for openness and an end to the Bush style of government in the war on terror (now - like the battle to reduce illicit drugs - no longer being called a "war" by the Obama administration) will be dismayed. They are already disappointed in the president for his flipping on the release of the photos. And on the administration's earlier decision to not prosecute those who authorized the still hotly debated Bush-era interrogation techniques.


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RICESKI said...

Flip Flop Bop - this is the new Whitehouse dance and it is being done with his partner Nancy Pelosi. How quick he changed his mind when he saw what is really in GITMO. These men are wacko to the core and he knows some would come kill him. Smart move

Anonymous said...

When Obama Wanted A change it was too late for it, and that made lead to a big disaster. When he sad things on the ground it looked more awful that he expected, he studied it carefully from all its sides the negative and positive from the Americans sides and saw its too early to act for what he planned and decided, so he backed of for now to see the consequences for his plans which may be good or bad for the Americans.


Anonymous said...

I believe President Obama made a mistake when he removed the tribunals and I do not support removal of waterboarding which is merely interrogation not cause permanet hearm to others and from the information gaining information that will save the lives of thousands and not allow another 911 to be created.

Sonny said...

President Obama is getting watched closely by the international society, not only by the americans.
The reinstatement of the tribunals expected sometimes today is a move towards his political opponents, but gives them more food to be against him....
I am disapointed of this reinstating of the tribunals at GITMO. I personally think he will loose now alot of internationl support.
The idea and plans to bring the suspects (or prisoners of war??) infront of civil courts obviously failed. Would have been a great advantage for the American Nation to get back most of the confidence and even of the admiration the international society had in the past.
Wondering who comes up now saying "who cares about international society?!".


WorthyOfUrAttn said...

I believe that Obama has good intentions. I also kept in the back of my mind that with these good intentions to hold true to his policies he wouldn't be able to keep some promises after being granted to see all of the information clearly. All Obama did at this point imho was flipflopped on his Transparency policy.

Heidi of Vermont said...

Here we go again. President Obama is flipping and flopping on many of the promise's he made during his election. This comes to no surprise to me at all. I was against the release of the pictures. What would they have proved? Nothing. And I believe the release of these picture's would have been detrimental to the safety of the men and women still fighting in Iraq. As for the tribunals. It's good that he is starting them up again. But I fear that the men on trial will not only get freed but also freed to live in the country. And what kind of message does that send to other countries. "Commit a crime against America and get free living quarters and free health care.Plus you can live in the country forever" I think alot of this flip flopping is due to Obama actually hearing the American people saying" NO this is wrong" He;s already in fear of his re-election in 2012. Plus the Democrates have to be wondering if they will lose there hold in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Grandiose claims will always come up and bite you in the bum! This is yet another example of Obama's political naievety. He has run away with the idea that if he says something it's absolutely gospel.
Obama is achieving one thing with the International community - he's making himself a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

At least we are starting to see some consistency with Obama.

Anonymous said...

I STILL have high hopes for the man, and this is much better than Bush, but I am dismayed by the fact that he won't release information & pictures on torture & Gitmo. I don't understand how we're to get beyond our mistakes without owning up to them.

Anonymous said...

For those who celebrated Obama's release of the four torture memos and read it incorrectly as a sign that Obama secretly wanted to go after the sadistic torturers of the Bush regime, his reversals on the newest batch of photos and reinstatement of the Military Commissions should come as a rude awakening.

The man wouldn't be calling this the actions of a "small number of individuals" if he really wanted to go after them and their torture policies.

But then, he is behaving consistent with his outlook on the war of terror, which is why he's retaining rendition, expanding Bagram as Gitmo II where no one's got a right to challenge their detention, escalating the wars on Afghanistan and Pakistan, allowing troops up to 50k indefinitely in Iraq, and reviving a version of the Military Commissions. These actions flow logically from the underlying logic of the GWOT.

But you can't win a war on a tactic. As long as the GWOT is dicta, these egregious policies will continue.

Dennis Loo

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Obama knows now that we do not know.

Leonde Delmare

Anonymous said...

I kind of regard the America that President Obama inherited as a brain with a huge malignant tumor. The question is always, how to remove it without killing the patient.

Brinna Nanda

Anonymous said...

Brinna...thanks for capturing the essence of the problem.

Some people just cannot see that. Their egos are blocking the view.

Frank Apisa

Anonymous said...

i wonder, when someone says he is better than bush - what do they mean? how is he better than bush? can you give me two examples of how he has made things better than bush did?

oh, it is too soon?

because i can name 25 ways he is bush's clone.

does a 0-25 ratio really mean nothing? we know i am not a fox news republican. i am working for free to start a not for profit to feed poor people in my area, and five months in i still get so overwhelmed with the honor of that, that it makes me cry.

republicans dont do that. not even closet republicans.

and i abhor obama and find him far more dangerous than bush ever was. bc obama can talk out of both sides of his mouth. w could barely speak out of one.

jane smithie