Monday, May 11, 2009

Official Anti-Semitic Campaign Continues Unabated In Middle East

The other day an Egyptian official declared that Jews were responsible for swine flu - a justification somehow - he decreed - to slaughter that country's pig stock (don't try - it's impossible to follow that line of logic).

Now there have been two editorials published in the Syrian state-run press which call Jews blood suckers. One goes far as to accuse Jews of sucking the blood from Jesus' wounds and calls on Christians and Muslims to unite against Jews.

This comes as Pope Benedict visits the Middle East to promote understanding and tolerance. But already that's become difficult for him. The pope left a session on inter-religious tolerance in Jerusalem after a Palestinian sheik used the occasion to rant against the Israelis and declare Jerusalem Palestinian land.

So long as religious hatred drives significant numbers of people there can be no peace in this world. Maybe the next - if you believe what many of these same warring religions tell us about a life after death.

It makes one wonder if religion brings society a net gain or a net loss. All the great religions were designed, of course, to benefit society. But, to use an oft quoted religious metaphor, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Perhaps the religiously motivated intolerance we see in the world is be best illustration of that.


Debbie said...

Why do I hear Anna Karenina on your webpage?

Debbie said...

As long as people continue to call Islam a religion instead of the Naziesque ideology of supremacy, murder, and total control and subjugation of those who follow it that it is instead of shunning it as they do other forms of hate like the Neo-Nazis or Black Panthers - we will continue seeing religious hatred GROW. The Koran is the only book that advocates hating and murdering non-believers. Even in the most violent parts of the OT, Hashem is the one who dispenses death and punishment and it's told as parables to teach a lesson. The Koran is real time instruction on hating and killing - valid for all time. It teaches its followers that Jews are from swine and monkeys because Allah punished us. It teaches them that Jews are evil. It's very clear. So often the people who defend Islam have never read the Koran. Go read it and see for yourself.