Friday, May 22, 2009

Pelosi Obfuscates

Mums the word

We all gathered in the News Talk Online room on today to hear what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would say about her claims that the CIA mislead her about interrogation techniques during the Bush administration. We sat patiently, waiting while she and other Democrats spoke about all the great legislation they've passed in this Congress. We let them go through the motions of patting themselves on the back - awaiting the first question about her rift with the CIA. When it finally came, we were woefully disappointed.

Pelosi - at a news conference that she called - decided to not answer the reporter's question. Saying that she is standing by her previous comments and "staying on our course" and "not being distracted by it."

"I won't," she concluded, "have anything more to say about it."

Well, I, for one, am deeply offended by her response.

Look, she may be telling the truth when she says the CIA mislead her. Or the CIA may be telling the truth when it says it's "not in the business" of misleading Congress. Either way, this is a serious allegation that demands proof.

Now it's true that Pelosi has asked the CIA to release notes from the briefings so she can back up her claims. But it's also true that she knew before she asked for the proofs that the CIA can't release what was said during a confidential congressional briefing.

Her allegations are serious. They deserve further investigation. And she owes the American public more than what she offered today. So much for transparency in government.

Her problem may be that she realizes now, when it's too late, that she's taking on the wrong agency. One whose middle name is Intellegence.

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