Thursday, May 28, 2009

News Talk Online June 2, 2009: Radio Talk Show Host Threatened By Terrorists


Rusty Humphries, the host of a nationally syndicated show on Talk Radio Network, and who says he has been threatened with murder by online Islamists linked with pro-al Qaeda groups will be my guest Tuesday June 2 on News Talk Online on

On an anti-Semitic blog called The Jew Report, there is posted a photo of Humphries and an accusation charging that "the brothers in Florida" have been harassed by police officers who listen to his shows. The blog blames or credits Humphries for police and FBI raids of mosques. It calls on Muslims who live near Humphries to stop him from driving to his studio in Orlando, and prays that, "Inshallah we will see his Fat rottan [sic] torso dumped in the side of the road or in some Florida swomp [sic]."

Humphries has been outspoken in his condemnation of Islamist terrorism on his show. He's met face-to-face with Palestinian terrorist leaders who, during at least one interview, became enraged with what he was saying.

Humphries says he has reported the online death threat to both local and federal law enforcement officials who are investigating.

Humphries reported the "Jew Report" death threat to local and federal law enforcement officials, who are investigating. He has also invited his detractors to appear on his show to debate him.


Anonymous said...

When will the Muslims Listen to the TRUTH???

THE LonesomeDove said...

And what about Terrorist Lawfare, which is a serious threat not only from terrorists using the courts, but from some European countries to indict Israeli and U.S. Military and Governmental Officials - including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld - before international courts?

Has the United States turned into a surrender monkey under the Obama Administration? What of American sovereignty? Will he allow international courts jurisdiction over American government and military officials? I'm taking bets that Israel won't!