Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recruiting Radical Muslims In Prison

There are some outstanding questions about the four men busted on charges that they planned attacks on two Bronx synagogues and on aircraft of the Air National Guard in New York state. Including whether the conversion of one of the men in prison was an attempt to turn him into a radical Muslim.

But investigative reporter Steve Emerson says there is a concerted effort to convert prisoners to the Islamic religion in an attempt to radicalize them. After all, what better place to find a pool of potential terrorists than among criminals?

Emerson, in a piece he penned for the New York Post, chronicles several examples of radical conversions in the prisons. Including, shockingly, a statement by the head Muslim chaplain of the New York State prisons calling the 9/11 terrorists martyrs. And the prison conversion of convicted terrorist Jose Padilla.

My guest on News Talk Online on on Friday, Fordham University law professor John Pfaff, described the four would-be synagogue bombers as low level criminals who, certainly were anti-Semites. But who, according to what's publicly known at this time, weren't pressed into radical service when some of them were converted in prison. But it's clear from Emerson's article that there is cause for concern. Pfaff says there's no reason for the prison system to spend time investigating allegations of recruitment of prisoners to become terrorist. I wonder, however, if he'd have reached the same conclusion if the four arrested last week had actually succeeded in executing their alleged plot.

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Anonymous said...

Just ask Steve Emerson or Brigette Gabriel or many many others who are standing out, often with their lives threatened to pronounce the evil of radical Islam. The crimanals in prison are "Ripe for the Picking" they are there and feel included and ready to be led by the radical Islamics on missions of destruction in the very same country that gave them birth.turning on their homeland the USA with hardened hearts to do the will of Alah for the sake of Jihad! These folks will blend right in with the local population of any community, In secret training for their evil missions.Wake up America! Wake up to see what is being used against you right under your very nose! Jamie_38