Tuesday, May 12, 2009

News Talk Online May 12, 2009: Sadly, Nazism Remains A Threat To Humanity

I just posted a piece about a former Nazi death camp guard who was extradited by the United States to Germany, perhaps, depending on his health, to stand trial.

Some might argue that's old news and irrelevant to today's society. Those who hold such an opinion are wrong.

Survivors of a Nazi death camp who returned there to commemorate their liberation and remember those who died were attacked by armed Nazi thugs. Two of the survivors were actually shot by the Nazis.

The Nazis shouted "Heil Hitler!" and "This way to the gas!" according to the British paper The Daily Mail.

This incident, combined with government-sponsored anti-Semitism I've been reporting on in the Middle East, tells us that the refrain "Never Again!" needs to be amplified. Sadly, man's ability to be cruel to his own fellow human beings, still remains a reality in this new century.

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Anonymous said...

And so the legacy of the Holocaust ripples on - not just in memories of a time in human history that should be abhored, but in the actions of a section who are on the fringes of our society. Trouble is that that fringe gets even more frayed and is growing bigger.
I do believe that never before since the end of WW2 has there been such overt hatred for Jews, nor so many incidences of holocaust denial. Thank you Abbas, Hamas, Iran, Jorden, etc etc.