Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Much For Transparency In The Obama Administration

The Obama administration promised change. And a more transparent government was supposed to be a key component of that change.

There have been inroads made in this direction. But every once in a while, the administration backslides.

The Associated Press did some great investigative reporting which revealed that many of the "shovel ready" road projects into which the government is pumping billions of dollars aren't happening in areas of the country where unemployment is the highest. The question the AP story prompts us to ask is, why isn't the government creating jobs where they are most needed? Sort of like the questions the news media have been asking about homeland security grants that disproportionately underfund New York City.

The troubling part of all this is not the poor judgment in selecting projects. It's the response of the White House to the AP reporting.

According to the non-profit investigative reporting organization ProPublica, the administration has tried to discredit the report.

That doesn't sound like transparency in government to me.

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Anonymous said...

This is what the idiots of America voted for.