Saturday, May 23, 2009

Somalia, A New Destination For Americans And Brits

Mass burial of those killed in Mogadishu fighting

Black Hawk down. Lawlessness. Pirates. Pitched battles. Ah, Somalia. What a beautiful vacation spot for Americans and Brits.

Well, at least those Americans and Brits who want to spend their holiday in a jihadist fight against the fragile government there.

That's right. According to a report in the Times of London, Brits and Yanks and even Canadians who want an exciting summer vacation fighting on the streets of Mogadishu are answering the call for more jihadist fighters. In fact, that's what has been tipping the balance of the war in favor of the insurgency.

The Times has seen a confidential report about this problem that's about to be presented to members of Congress. My question is, if any of these guys survive the battle, what will happen when they return to their respective countries? Will they be welcomed back with open arms as citizens of the United States or Canada or subjects of Britain? And if, legally, they have the right to return home after fighting over there, will they be put on some kind of watch list? Because the thought of veteran jihadists loose in the United States makes me, for one, a bit nervous.


Photo credit: Abdurrahman Warsameh, ISN Security Watch

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Anonymous said...

It not only makes me nervous, it makes me angry.
The VAST majority of these Somalians have come to the West as assylum seekers. They have used the opportunities here to organise themselves to return to their country as Jihadists!
The last person who was released from Gitmo and returned to Britain was a Somalian assylum seeker who, once he had been given leave to remain then went on holliday to Afghanistan and was picked up in the vicinity of a terrorist training camp. Surely this should be a lesson for us all.Holiday maker or potential terrorist?