Sunday, May 31, 2009

Starfish Thrive Despite Global Warming

The group the Seekers, in their hit song Red Rubber Ball, sang, "now I know you're not the only starfish in the sea." Who would have thought that those lyrics would have meaning today?

Scientists are a bit confounded by a starfish species that are thriving during this time of global warming.

The common belief is that sea creatures with calcified shells - like starfish - would start dying out if temperatures rise. But, in an article published in New Scientist, we are learning that research conducted at the University of British Columbia shows that, well, the Pisaster ochraceus, a starfish they introduced to water that was warmer and more acid actually thrived.

The scientists caution, however, that other species might still start dying off as the sea becomes warmer.

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maiddy78_1 said...

very truthful wordings in that song n i very glad to post a comment on this report of gary.Because he want to aware to whole people n try to send a meaning ful report for all on global warming this is very important for whole world to think about that