Friday, May 22, 2009

Taking A Vacation Can Stress You Out

You call this stressful?

This is the Memorial Day weekend in the United States, the unofficial start of the summer vacation season. And with more Americans overworked because of the economy, you'd think they'd be looking forward with anticipation to taking a break from the grind. But a new survey suggests - maybe not. Maybe the thought of going on vacation - and the thought of returning with work piled up - actually stresses them out - rather than relieves their stress.

It seems with so many people getting laid off and the workloads of so many of us increasing, getting out of the office is - well - a bit more difficult than in year's past. It also means there's no one around to take up the slack when we're gone. Therefore, it becomes stressful to leave. And even more stressful to come back.

But one thing's for sure. With so many people losing their jobs, those of us who are still working - and who are actually granted a vacation - should relax, enjoy and appreciate what we have. I mean, the potential alternative is a permanent vacation, isn't it?


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