Thursday, May 21, 2009

Those Reassuring Words 'Make The Next Legal U-Turn' Won't Be Silenced

It's not the talk of the shortage of water, pollution, swine flu or the threat of another terrorist attack that got to me. Like millions of others, a government report that suggested that the U.S. GPS system may fail next year got me really concerned.

Oh, how my life has changed since Garmin and I became acquainted. No longer do I have to worry about getting disoriented on the very confusing highway structure of New Jersey. My friendly GPS is always there to point me in the right direction. Or, if I fail to follow her commands, tell me to "make the next legal u-turn."

That's because an Air Force general says today that the threat is overblown and that there's only a very minimal chance Miss Garmin, my constant car companion, will be silenced next year.

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