Sunday, May 10, 2009

White Phosphorous Concerns Raised In Afghan Air Attack

A recent U.S. air attack in Afghanistan which claimed civilian lives now is the subject of new concerns that white phosphorous was used.

Doctors who are treating victims are reporting what they describe as unusual burns. Burns which may have been cause by the use of white phosphorous.

It's OK to use white phosphorous to light up a night sky during combat. But it's not supposed to be used as a weapon.

If it turns out the doctor's suspicions are accurate then the U.S. role in Afghanistan will be further tarnished. Already there have been protests denouncing the attack which may have killed as many as 130 civilians.

The Obama administration should order an immediate and through investigation and then report the findings as quickly as possible. If white phosphorous was used as a weapon, then the White House needs to takes step to ensure that it never will be again. On the other hand, if it was used, as the U.S military suggests, by the Taliban, that should be reported as well.

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