Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Is Burning Civilians With White Phosphorous?

First it was the Israelis who were accused of burning civilians in the Gaza with white phosphorous. Then it was charged that the Americans used white phosphorous during an air attack in Afghanistan. Now the tables are turned, with the Americans accusing the Taliban with using the chemical substance on civilians there.

White phosphorous is used, legitimately, during combat to light up the night sky and the battlefield below. But it's not supposed to be used on civilian populations.

Of course, governments like Israel and the United States, can be held accountable for their alleged use of white phosphorous. But who does the Taliban listen to when voices are raised about human rights violations it commits?

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Anonymous said...

Has it been documented that either the Americans or Israelis used or caused injury with this white phosphorus?

The enemies of both countries have jumped on a bandwagon that just states that this chemical has been used without providing proof.


Anonymous said...

Apparently within some, albeit questionable, communities there are assumptions that advanced countries should be held to higher standards than some of the less developed countries - when did that 'rule' come into operation???
We police each other - who polices organisations like the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah? Do we refuse to deal with them as a result of these wayward actions? Or indeed SHOULD we refuse to discuss with them, and provide them with aid?

Anonymous said...

Sheesh why is it a shock that America is being blamed. You have Obama and Clinton apologising for everything bad that happens in the world. Wake up America!