Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahmadinejad Discounts Protests, Detention Of Main Opponent

With a straight face, Iranian Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discounted the election protests in his nation by comparing those who have taken to the streets to soccer fans disappointed that their team has lost a game. And he downplayed concerns about the well being of opposition leaders, including his main rival in the disputed election, by saying that the missing Hossein Mousavi, who has not been seen in public since the balloting, was simply fined for violating traffic laws.

He also denied that opposition newspapers have been shutdown. "There are hundreds of dailies (newspapers) published," he said. Foreign reporters "should not be worried" about a few papers that closed a few days.

He also admonished western journalists for their reporting of the election and its after math, claiming that they are trying to mislead the world. Ahmadinejad claimed that the foreign reporters are only seeing and reporting what they want, and admonished them for their "mistakes" in coverage.

"Freedom here," he asserted with a straight face, "is close to absolute."

His comments came during a wide-ranging hour-and-a-half news conference at which he was treated with absolute deference by Iranian journalists who asked questions preambled with statements supporting Ahmadinejad's propaganda line. But who was challenged by western journalists who come from a tradition of critical reporting.

One British reporter emotionally questioned the public execution of a girl. Ahmadinejad''s response was nothing less than astounding.

"We oppose execution of human beings," he said. "We oppose the killing of an ant. We also become upset when an execution is committed."

But he claimed that the Iranian judiciary is independent. So the way to stop these executions, he asserted, is that people stop committing crimes.

Ahmadinejad also brushed off concerns that the United States or Israel might attack Iran, presumably over its nuclear program.

"The Iranian nation is a powerful nation," he said, that "will make the aggressive remorseful."


Jay said...

Great report gary

Anonymous said...

Excellent video. I hope the people are able to get the truth and freedom. As upset as they are, I smell fraud.

Anonymous said...

I sat and listened to Ahmedinejad in the same way that I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off a car crash!!
In his speeches to both the Press and to the Iranian people at the rally in Tehran Ahmedinejad emphasised that in Iran the world had witnessed the iconic way for elections to be conducted. He claimed the moral high ground and said that where Iran triumphs over other nations is that they take the high moral and ethical ground. He decried the West, implying (strongly) that elections are bought, and that they fail because the countries elect people from the different parties that in the end only represent their parties, and not the people as a whole. Now whilst I can take on board some of the criticisms about Governments and elections in the West, I cannot believe that anyone is so deluded as to think that what we witnessed in Iran was a 'free and fair' election. We have seen a silencing of both the media and the people who dissent in Iran of the past couple of weeks - and this is a level playing field? Ahmedinejad has been taking some serious lessons from Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong Il!

As I listened to the speech at the rally I could not help but be reminded of the newsreel I have seen of some of the rallies that Hitler conducted as Germany prepared to take on the rest of the world. Nor did the similarities end at the spectacle, it was reflected in the rhetoric.

Lonesome Dove said...

This is a very powerful and poignant video and though difficult at times to watch, I found it very telling that these young people chose to chant, "WE WANT FREEDOM" in English as if to plead with the West for help in achieving that goal.

Nostradamus said...

Thank you for everything you are doing for Iran. Here is something I wrote earlier today outlining evidence of fraud in Iran.

1. Mesbah Yazdi issued a fatwa, ordering the "faithful" to rig the elections

2. Ahmadinejad won Tabriz 57%, beating Mousavi at his own home province. Ahmadinejad also supposedly did better in cities, than Mousavi.

3. ahmadinejad took over 50% of tehran's votes.

4. Mohsen Rezai, the other conservative in the election who polled very very badly, yet received 670,000 thousand votes. Twice as many as Karoubi, who polled better.

5. ahmadinejad's numbers were standard across Iran. Without any variations. It seems as if the election was ENGINEEREd, and 63% was a carefully chosen number.

6. Electoral commision is supposed to wait three days before certifying election results, yet announcement of Ahmadinejad winning was given before all votes were counted.

7. a group of interior ministry employeed wrote a letter warning that many top interior ministry officials in charge of elections, were replaced months before the vote.

8.communication was blocked, pro reform sites and newspapers were shut down, text messaging was taken down.

9. twice as many seals as needed were shipped. This means, anyone could create ballots and vote for whoever they want with these seals.

10. shortage of ballots. With the seals, a group of IRGC or Basij militia could easily rig the election if they had extra ballots.

11. Interior Ministry head hand picked by Ahmadinejad, and is in charge of elections

12. Mousavi crowds are much bigger than Ahmadinejad's crowds, so if he won 63 percent of the vote, WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR HIM?

13. 85 percent of all eligible voters turned otu to vote in this election. Do you seriously think all of these people voted for the first time, and chose AHMADINEJAD?

14. HOURS AFTER THE POLLS CLOSED, they claim that they counted 85 MILLION PAPER BALLOTS, which were folded, including ballots from US, Switzerland, UK and other countries which let iranians vote. This is the fastest election count by Iran's election officials ever, and probably a world record for the fastest time 85 million paper ballots were flown from across the world and counted.

It is obvious this election has been rigged. The moron right wing minions of Ahmadinejad, Yazdi, and khameni aren't even able to properly rig an election. Fight for your right to a free, fair government.

The world is behind you. Your jobs aren't worth much if you live in a dictatorship. Your LIVES are worth nothing, if you have no freedom.

It's time to FIGHT for your right to live FREE, under GOD, not an unelected "supreme leader" with a knack for executions and terrorism