Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bermuda - The Official Tropical Retirement Spot For Terrorists

Terrorist's retirement island

Tropical Bermuda has become the involuntary country of choice for terrorists forced into retirement.

Well, maybe not exactly. But sort of.

As the Obama administration moves toward closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, the question of where to put the detainees is high on the to-do list.

Some (one so far) will be sent to the United States for prosecution. But others, for one reason or another, will not.

Do you send them, say, back into Afghanistan to renew their terrorist activities against U.S. troops. Hardly. As the first President Bush might say, "that wouldn't be prudent."

Riding to the rescued, at least to help relocate four Chinese nationals who have been guests of the U.S. military at Guantanamo, comes Bermuda.Bush administration determined that they would no longer be treated as enemy combatants.

The four were ordered released by a court after the second Bush administration decided that they would no longer be treated as enemy combatants. A decision seconded by the Obama administration.

The four are Uighurs - a Turkic Muslim minority from the Xinjiang province of far-west China.They, and other Uighurs, were captured in Pakistan after they left China for Afghanistan and settled in a camp with other Uighurs opposed to the Chinese government. After the United States bombed the camp they fled to Pakistan where they were caught.

The government believes that, although they had travelled to Afghanistan, they were not there to attack U.S. troops.

The last time any Uighurs at Gitmo were resettled was in 2006 when five were sent to Albania. The government says there are no reports of those five re-engaging in any criminal or terrorist activities.

Since 2002, more than 540 Gitmo detainees have been sent to 32 different countries.

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Tibetan-Angel said...

Hi all. As I am a Activist for the cause of the Tibetan People, any subject relating to them is of interest to me, because of this inhumane Chinese regime.On the subject of the Uighur muslims, i dont know a heck of a lot about them, but i do know enough, to know the Uighurs are under the same pattern of genocide as the Tibetan people, not many people or even mainstream muslims know that the Uighurs in East Turkistan, were invaded by the Chinese at the same time Tibet was invaded in 1950. China has systematically tortured, imprisoned, and still eroding the Uighurs culture in the Uighurs own country East Turkistan, as they are doing to the Tibetans. Im wondering why the American forces have not treated them differantly, seeing as the captured Uighurs have good cause to fight against the Chinese forces, after watching the dvd of Cry Of The Snow Lion, which is many collated stories of the atrocities commited by Mao Chinese forces in Tibet, and watching the movie called Kunden, the story of the 14th Dalai Lama, and reading the book by Ani Panchen warrior nun, a young tibetan lady imprisoned for 20 years, during the invasion of Tibet in 1959, anyone who can fight against the Chinese forces deserves a bravery medal, not detention in Guantanamo Bay. I also watched the documentary of the 3 British muslims last night, who were released from Guantanamo Bay, It was horrifying what these 3 young men went through, though i don't completley believe in the innocence of their visit to Afghanistan, the torture and inhuman way they were treated on the way to Gitmo and once there, was horrendous. Unbeleivable treatment for prisoners of war, this kind of treatment only inflames prisoners hatred for their captors, it certainly wont make them love and forgive them, if these people are to be rehabilitated, then torture is not the way, especially if there is no concrete evidence against them. I now hear that the Uighurs from Gitmo are to be settled into a pacific island, as they would be imprisoned by China if they ever tried to return to their homeland.