Monday, June 1, 2009

Crime Down In U.S.

For the second year in row, the number of violent crimes declined across the country — a total of 2.5 percent during 2008 compared to the previous year — according to the FBI's just-released Preliminay Annual Uniform Crime Report.

And more good news: the number of property crimes decreased nationally as well—1.6 percent—over 2007 levels. In fact, property crime has fallen every year since 2003.

Some highlights from this report:

  • All four of the violent crime offense categories declined nationwide: murder and non negligent manslaughter (down 4.4 percent), aggravated assault (down 3.2 percent), forcible rape (down 2.2 percent) and robbery (down 1.1 percent).
  • While violent crimes like murder, forcible rape, and robberies in cities with one million or more residents decreased, cities with less than 10,000 residents reported increases in those same categories (murder up 5.5 percent, forcible rape up 1.4 percent, robbery up 3.9 percent).
  • Nationwide, burglaries were the only property crime to show an increase (up 1.3 percent), while thefts decreased (down 0.6 percent) as did motor vehicle thefts (down a significant 13.1 percent).
  • Arson offenses, tracked separately from other property crimes, declined in all four regions of the country—Northeast, South, Midwest, and West. The largest decrease was in the West (down 5.9 percent).

Crime in the U.S.: According to preliminary estimates, violent crime and property crime decreased from 2007 levels nationally and in all four regions of the country, with just one exception.

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend on the New York City police department. He told me crime is down for one reason - they are being told to re-categorize the crimes. If they arrest some one for a simple felony, it "becomes" a misdemeanor. The perp doesn't get to "plead" it down because the NYPD are already doing it for them!