Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dispatch From Iran

The author's name is being withheld for obvious security reasons.

TEHRAN - There are various reports from across town, the best way of communication is word of the mouth because cell phones and Internet are shot down time to time, but they can't keep it off line too long cause fortunately there is no way to partially shot these systems down and the government needs to use it as well.

iolence toward innocent people was extreme yesterday, the reports are unbelievable. Innocent demonstrators were shot by sharpshooters while walking in the street. One young girl was shot right in the throat another one was shot in the chest announced dead in the scene. Up to now most people used their cell phones and personal cameras to capture the scenes but yesterday they began beating up anyone take out their cell phone. They use the batons and electric bats to hit the wrest and arms. Many people have broken wrists and arms and hospitals have been ordered to not treat these patients.

Last night the sound of Allahoakbar was louder and longer than last few nights. There were also screams of Down with Dictator!

People believe there's no way back out now. Let's hope and pray there won't be that much more bloodshed.

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