Monday, June 1, 2009

The Gall Of AIG. Demanding Charitable Contributions Back To Pay Bonuses

The future 9/11 memorial. AIG wants millions back

This story belongs in the You've Got To Be Kidding Me category.

According to an exclusive report in the New York Post, AIG is asking charities to which it has donated millions of dollars for the money back in order to pay executive bonuses.

AIG, the Post reports, wants to raid the $490 million Starr International Foundation. And it even wants back some $27 million the foundation has already awarded to charities. Among those standing to lose the grants already awarded: The September 11 Memorial and Museum.

AIG an insurance giant that teetered on collapse when the economy faltered and was bailed out, by the federal government to the tune of $150 billion. In March, President Obama called AIG reckless and greedy for its announced plans to hand out the bonuses after accepting the taxpayer's largess.


Anonymous said...

AIG? They can take the bonus money out of the 150 billion dollars the American taxpayer gave them.


Anonymous said...

AIG------------that is unbelieveable, well we learned a lesson there I hope, what is the value today of the American dollar? I did hear .33. soon will be worthless, and then owned by China!!!!Jamie_38

DangerRus said...

Sigh! Plug the holes of the boat before you sail it.