Monday, June 29, 2009

The Iranian Recount Sham

So they're going to "recount" 10 percent of the vote, and they've extended by five days the deadline for candidates to file complaints in the Iranian presidential "election."

Notice I put in quotation marks the terms recount and election, much the way Dr. Evil would put quotation marks around the word laser in the Austin Powers movies. At least Dr. Evil acknowledged he was BSing about the laser.

This is, of course, all a sham on the part of the Iranian government. So they can declare that they recounted the vote and offered opposition candidates opportunity to complain. The government will seize on the fact that since the failed candidates aren't dignifying this with complaints and claim that's proof that the protests were much ado about nothing.

It's not the biggest of the government's boldfaced lies. They're also claiming that Neda wasn't shot near any demonstrations but in an alley and that, therefore, it couldn't have been done by government agents. None were in the area, Tehran has declared.

Anyone who believes any of the above should email me. I have a bridge that links Manhattan and Brooklyn for sale. At a good price.

The world needs to remember all this the next time Ahmadinejad claims Iran isn't developing a nuclear bomb.


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Nostradamus said...

Gary. thanks for keeping this story alive. We appreciate it.

One day, I need to call into your show and tell you my story.

Gary Baumgarten said...

Please do :)