Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is Obama's Approach To Iran Naive?

I've long believed that Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy to power the nation. But I've also been enough of a pragmatist to recognize that this can't happen unless there are assurances that the technology won't be used to create nuclear weapons. And, frankly, no one should harbor any confidence that Iran would cooperate with nuclear inspectors to assure the world that it isn't developing nukes.

That's why I find President Obama's comments about Iran and nuclear energy during a BBC interview today a bit troubling.

The president says Iran has the right to nuclear energy. Like me, he says there have to be assurances that the development will only be used for peaceful purposes. But the very fact that he is saying this makes me wonder if he, unlike me, has faith that those assurances can be met.

To be sure, Iran does have energy issues. It sits upon huge fields of oil but lacks the capability to refine it.

Perhaps a better approach for the president to take would be to suggest the development of refineries in Iran. If that nation abandons its nuclear program.

That way, not only could Iran meet its energy needs. It would also no longer be considered a potential nuclear threat.


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Was Chamberlain's approach to Nazi Germany naive?

Ron said...

I think its wrong to alow Iran to join us in the 4th of July Festives when we have them.

backtowar said...

Of course Chamberlain was clueless..To bad the majority in Britian agreed with him..As far as Iran I heard a lady who survived the Holocaust and was asked whats lesson can be learned from Nazi Germany to preseant day Iran. She simply said " When someone wants to kill you better believe them" Iran has learned two lessons from Hitler and the Nazi's. The first one is never go to war until you have the bomb. Hitler was busy trying to build an A Bomb during the height of the war and was unable to finish the development. The second lesson Iran has learned is the focal point in the case of WW it was Hitler. Iran does not have the Furher instead they use God to rally the masses. Anyone who is nieve enough to believe that Iran is building a bomb not to use it against Israel is in denial. I hope Obama figures this out quickly if not 9-11 will be a minor event compared to what will happen next. Notice the evil of axis has lifted its ugly head againt to test America. Let's not end up like Europe again which never seems to learn its lesson..Europe soon will be known as Eurabia just check the demographics..Just common sense along with history you dont have to be a genuis to realize the path we are on..My American brothers and sisters its time we pulled our head from our rectum...

Anonymous said...

THE ISLAMIC STATE OF iRAN IS LED BY THE CONTROLLING MULLAHS , with their short of stature and short on reality Mamood, Mr A ------ as a puppet, That is not just my opinion btw. Obama is naive on some issues but is very self assured on his agenda. He has been outspoken on the Israeli program of building new homes in the settlements, and has stated to Israel not to do this. He does not appear to be a supporter of Israel.and No Iran should not be treated as Japan in developing nuclear weapons. It is mandatory for countries to not have a powder keg of nuclear power in the Midleast. Diplomacy is Good and also helpful for all nations with each other, however the threat has already been mad by Iran, to take Israel off the map!!!! That doesn't sound like saying, come over for a spot of tea to me!!! Just my opinion. and observation Gary. Jamie_38

Anonymous said...

Iran should NOT be allowed to have nuclear capabilites at all. Obama can't control Iran. Iran wants Israel 'wiped off the face of the earth'. That alone speaks volumes!!

Anonymous said...

Who is naive?

Anybody who believes these things have happened because Obama is naive IS naive. Believing Obama is naive is our last defense against acceptance of what the man is very deliberately and systematically doing to our country.

That was A BOW, people, and a message to the muslim world. THEY understand it, even if we won't.

Saying his father was muslim means one thing to MUSLIMS. He IS muslim.

He called our country the largest MUSLIM country in the world? When he just said two weeks ago this is NOT a Christian country? HUH?

In a facist country the government doesn't own businesses. It just controls them...sound familiar? He has had meetings calling in the most powerful CEOS in this country. They went in as powerful men and came out looking like whipped puppies.

His push for a carbin tax and national health care during a recession could reasonably be called dangerous to our already stressed and economy. Anybody think that Obama is too "naive" to know that?

That release the sensitive information about the location of civilian US nuclear sites was "accidental"? I bet that's a "mistake" that our enemies took full advantage of.

Iran NEEDS nuclear power for electricity? Does anybody believe that Obama believes that?

I wish I could believe that I am paranoid. There are just TOO MANY "coincidental" and "naive" statements, actions, and mistakes going on.

Is cutting spending for missile defense also naive? While Korea is sending up missiles that can reach the US?

Need I go on with my "paranoid" rambling?

I hope they have great mental health care in the Phillipines. I may retire there. On the other hand, I may not need it there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama is naive, I think he's inexperienced and unrealistic. His ego drives him, and that coupled with his over-weaning desire to be all things to all people is a very dangerous scenario. He is playing a game where his opponents are driven by a very different agenda and a totally different zeal. Negotiations are not about giving in to the other person's agenda but attempting to find the common ground and work from there. Ahmedinejad seems to want it all his way and the more concessions that are made, the more he will demand.
Eventually America will have to go round apologising for their President, rather than their Predident going round apologising for Americans.

(Oh, and BTW, just on a point of history. If Chamberlain had declared war between Germany and the UK at that point in time the UK would have been annihilated because they did NOT have anything like a comparable fire power to that of Germany. What Chamberlain's 'appeasement' did was buy the time for the UK to develop its war machine.)

Lonesome Dove said...

Anonymous said...
"Iran should NOT be allowed to have nuclear capabilites at all. Obama can't control Iran. Iran wants Israel 'wiped off the face of the earth'. That alone speaks volumes!!"

Absolutely, it does! Additionally, regarding Obama's role in all this, one of the biggest obstacles he needs to overcome is the arrogance that is blinding him to reality. He does not - and cannot - control either Iran or Israel, which is fiercely protective of its sovereignty. Call it a personality trait or flaw, his egotism goes well beyond a healthy confidence. I think he's just reading and believing his own press. Sure Obama is "a rock star" in some circles, but he hasn't shown any wisdom thusfar, nor is he universally adored - or trusted, and for good reason.

Gary wrote: "To be sure, Iran does have energy issues. It sits upon huge fields of oil but lacks the capability to refine it."

As someone who is in the energy business, Gary, I think that's pretty naive. The construction and design of nuclear power plants is extremely challenging from a technological standpoint - even in the West. There is no real SOP when it comes to the scope of work involved - in other words, no one as yet has it completely "down pat". So, suggesting that Iran could actually have the technological and engineering ability to successfully acheive the construction of safe and viable nuclear power facilities, but lacks the capability to refine petroleum when the world abounds - is literally teeming - with those who have the resources, means and motivation and willingness to partner with them to achieve that goal, is laughable.

Gary Baumgarten said...

I believe I suggested, Lonesome, that Iran should refine the oil rather than develop nuclear energy.

Perhaps you misread?

Tibetan-Angel said...

Here is my alert again, my same old rhetoric as usual,China is involved in it up to their kneck ! but i shall keep it up till everyone makes it a priority. Is that every everyone is so busy guarding the front door, while the back door is left open and unguarded from China. China supplied Iran in 1991 with 1.8 tonnes of natural uranium needed for the nuclear plant. Cross-border commerce and aid from China keep North Korea alfoat economically, and Iran's missile program is beleived to be dependent on North Korea = scaryyyy stuff. I didnt need much IQ to work this out lol its inbetween the lines all the time, just google the 3 threatening countries above and see all the info come up.Im watching China who are you all watching ?

Lonesome Dove said...

Gary Baumgarten said...

"I believe I suggested, Lonesome, that Iran should refine the oil rather than develop nuclear energy.

Perhaps you misread?

Perhaps, Gary, maybe... could be, but my take was that you were (possibly) suggesting Obama has what I feel are unrealistic powers of persuasion - and suggestion.

You see, a project to increase productivity through the utilization of a new catalytic cracker (Cat Cracker) complex with the capacity of 45,000 bbl/day day under construction at Abadan Oil Refinery in Khuzestan Province is already 73% complete. In April, an agreement was reached to cooperate with Iraq's construction of 5 new refineries and to jointly build a pipeline to transfer crude oil from Basra to Abadan. Upon completion of the Basra-Abadan pipeline, Iraq will actually supply at least 50% of the Abadan refinery's needs.

Plans were also announced in December for the development of seven new Iranian refineries: Khuzestan, Persian Gulf Star, Shahriar, Anahita, Hormoz, Caspian and Pars, with projected completion dates in 2013.

But wait, there's more! Iran is involved in multiple international upstream projects, such as a partnership with Venezuela (shhh) to develop 30 billion barrels in Ayacucho, and more recently (just last week) announced an agreement to jointly fund an oil refinery in Uganda.

So, I reiterate, just in case Barry missed reading it the first time - he doesn't control Iran or Israel. And, maybe it's just me, but I have deep reservations regarding the purportedly "peaceful" motivation behind Iran's ongoing quest for nuclear power, sitting as it does on top of and (unlike the US) continuing to develop and refine its vast oil reserves. Whaddaya think? :)

Gary Baumgarten said...

I think, Lonesome, these are all good steps that reduce the urgency Iran has for development of nuclear energy. Which is a good thing since it's not possible, at this time, to see whether that nuclear energy development program is being used only for peaceful uses.