Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Latest Images From Iran - Watch For Updates

McCain condemns muted White House response:


Anonymous said...

The major revolutions in history, the French and Russian, succeeded when the army realized that it was shooting upon its mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and changed sides to join the people. I can't see where this, if it is indeed a revolution, will be any different. The Iranian soldier must start to ask himself why he is fighting with Hezbollah against those he loves.

My thoughts are with the Iranian people during this terrible time, especially for our eyes and ears on the ground in Iran, nic: Justa man.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why an old fart like McCain is not as inhibited as Obama in terms of talking out against this fraud against and abuse of the Iranian people?

Maybe with AGE comes the courage to speak out.

-LD McLellan

Anonymous said...

Once again McCain proves why he did not deserve to win the presidency. He, like the previous administration know nothing about the Mideast and how to deal with its unique idealogy. If Obama were to come and stick his nose into this fraud of an election in support of Mousavi or any of the candidates then Ahmadenhijad would have all the ammunition he needs to say that Mousavi is a "tool of the Great Satan". Let it play out. This is a case study of silence being golden!