Sunday, June 14, 2009

Netanyahu Accepts Palestinian State Concept

In a departure from his previously stated policy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that he accepts the concept of a Palestinian state. And while he says negotiations should begin immediately without preconditions, he places two preconditions right at the outset.

First, he says the Palestinians must recognize the state of Israel. Fair enough. But, secondly, he says that a Palestinian state must be disarmed. That's certainly a non-starter for the Palestinians.
As I suggested last week, if the Palestinians form their own nation they will be responsible both for its security, and, perhaps more importantly from Israel's point-of-view, they will be responsible for stopping terrorists from using the new country as a launch pad for attacks on the Israelis. How, reasonably, can they do that if they are demilitarized?


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that not only must the Palestinians agree to the State of Israel , but they must accept it as a Jewish State. Neither will happen.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a masterly speech.
Netanyahu was calm, cool and collected when he delivered a speech that stated that they would accept a Palestinian state, but that there had to be certain givens. I was pleased that he laid out very clearly that Israel wasn't some sort of compensation deal for the holocaust, but that it was theirs by historical right. THis point alone gave real weight to the whole statement.
He blew out of the water the idea that there would be a 'right to return', another very critical issue since it would have very far reaching impact in years to come.
Best of all tho was the thing that SHOULD have been so easy to achieve, since all it takes is a few words, but hardest to achieve cos it sticks in the craw of the PA and Hamas and settles any future arguments - that Israel is a JEWISH State!!!
Personally I thought it was a pretty good deal!!
(Oh, and did I forget Jerusalem??? Mr Ahmedinejad won't be happy about that!!)