Thursday, June 18, 2009

News Talk Online June 18, 2009: Iran's National Day Of Mourning

Roya Teimouri of Persian Radio was the guest on today's News Talk
Online on With information about today's protests in the
streets of Tehran - silent protests on what was declared a National
Day of Mourning in remembrance of those who have been killed
demonstrating against Iran's stolen presidential election.

Teimouri reports 5,000 of the security forces on the streets of Iran
are not Iranians but Lebanese and Palestinian, brought in, she says,
by the government to try to forcefully put down the demonstrations.
She predicts that Friday's planned demonstrations following Muslim
prayers will likely pit pro and anti-regime Iranians against one
another and says violence is probable. She also says that if the
demonstrators really want regime change the first institution they
will attempt to take over will be the Media Center which controls the
flow of information both within Iran and to the outside world.

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