Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News Talk Online June 24, 2009: Brutality In Iran

Brutality in Iran, what was described by one witness as a "massacre" with people being thrown off a pedestrian overpass and security militiamen using machetes or axes in addition to bullets and riot batons on protesters was the topic of today's News Talk Online on

Guest Hooman Sarshar, a scholar of Iranian studies, said the people in the resistance know they now must follow this through to the end or face severe retribution - up to and including death - from the regime if they do not. But he says there are some encouraging signs, including clerics who are siding with the protesters, creating a conflict among the security forces. What to do about that? Can the attack imams? And if clerics are with the demonstrators, then which side should they really be on?

Sarshar also commended President Obama's handling of the affair. He believes the president is playing by the mullah's rules - not giving them reason to blame what is clearly a natural, internal uprising on the United States.

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