Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Plea From Iran: Please Pray For Us

An Iranian-born woman vacationing in her homeland sends this dispatch with a plea for prayer. Her name is being withheld for her protection.

I am currently in Iran for vacation! What a vacation???!!! I feel like obligated to give you a report about what is happening in Iran and ask you to pray for us and pray for justice and freedom.

Ahmadinejad has cheated in the election and whole Iran is in the streets! Ahmadinejad supporters are mostly poor BUT also uneducated and fanatic people. You can see and feel that they are less than 10% of our people.

People are VERY angry. They feel cheated, insulted and humiliated.

You can see even very religious people with Chador and a complete Islamic hijab fighting for their rights in the streets, supporting Mousavi. Police men are beating people whenever they can. They insult people badly and you can see from their language what kind of people they are.

The interesting thing is that many police men are speaking Arabic and they can even not speak Farsi???!!!!? People believe that the government has brought fanatics from Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq , Syria etc. probably mostly from fanatic groups such as Hezbollah or Hamas to fight with our own people as Iranians are mostly not ready to beat Iranians.

I have seen Iranian police defending the people as much as they can but once the special force is there, they will join them to not to be punished. Some of them told me that they have voted for Mousavi themselves and if they weren't in police uniforms they would join us.

You can see riots in every part of Tehran and as we hear in the news also in the rest of Iran . In my part of the city, People are going to the streets every night, shouting

“Down with Dictator”

‘Mousavi, Mousavi get my vote back for me”

“Mousavi Mousavi take my flag back”

“Doctor (Ahmadinejad) go to doctor”

“Down with Dictatorship”

“I will kill the one who killed my brother”

“Down with this cheating government”

“Allah o Akbar”


“We don’t want potatoes, we don’t want dictators!” (a reference to reports that Ahmadinejad gave poor people potatoes to vote for him)

“Nuclear dictator, go and sleep, you are tired”

“Brother, street cleaner, please take 'doctor with you”

“2 + 2 = 16” (a reference to the way the government counted the votes)

As police attack the crowds, even children and old women, people are going to their apartments and continue to shout the slogans from their windows having all their lights off! They shout “Allah o Akbar” from their windows, or in the streets, which is a reminder of the demonstrations 30 years ago, in the time of the revolution.


Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/60053005@N00/3632970822/


Debbie said...

Gary - Please tell your correspondent that even though the US government is virtually silent - the people of America are praying for the people of Iran and cheering them on all the way.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for the Iranian people! I wish them well and I hope they are successful.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Paltalk Gary for its coverage of the situation in Iran!
It is so good to be able to get the in depth information on the situation in Iran, and to be able to speak to actual Iranians.

What we have heard would soften the hearts of even the most sceptical of participants. My thoughts and prayers go out to a people who fight against a regime. I am not sure about the virtues of Mousavai, but what is happening is the people are making their voices heard. The politicians in our countries should listen and learn. The power rests with the people, the politicians are only the guardians as long as they represent the will of the majority!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gary and the team for the coverage only on Paltalk, this message must be heard around the world that the Iranians are giving their Very lives to protest the role of government and the role of the mullags in Iran, that is dictating what the common citizen must do daily to apease the dictates of this twisted government under the control of radical Islam. We must give every ounce of our support to these Iranians who see gernocide happening to their neighbors as they protest the years of Islamic rule and the lack of Freedom. Our own president Obama has said nothing so far in the protest taking place by the common man in the streets of Thererhan. Where is our voice? in support of these kind people? Jamie _ 38