Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Record Number Of Texas Executions

Gov. Perry

A dubious record will be reached tonight down in the heart of Texas. The 200th person under Gov. Rick Perry's watch will be put to death.

The number of executions during Perry's tenure even exceeds those when George W. Bush was governor of Texas.

The guy who is scheduled to be put to death this evening, Terry Lee Hankins, was convicted of killing his wife and children as they slept. Not exactly the kind of case that helps the cause of anti-capital punishment activists.

Still, 200 executions during one governor's term of office is a milestone of sorts. Not particularly the kind of milestone worth bragging about though.


No_Strings said...

They need to install express lanes. Don't mess with Texas.

DangerRus said...

Capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime. Texas maintains its higher than average level of violent crime. The natinal ticker of crime shows it going down but in Texas it continues to outpace itself upwards. So if not a deterrent to crime then it is just vengeance. Murder for murder is no a lofty ideal.

Anonymous said...

To begin with, Capital Punishment isn't about deterring crime. One could easily argue that incarceration does nothing to deter crime (since recidivism rates are very poor for those who go to prison for crimes like rape, pedophilia, etc.) Do we do away with incarceration because it doesn't stop crimes?

The difference between incarceration and death penalty involves an element of justice. Let's say a man brutally rapes, tortures and murders a little five-year old child. For the rest of his life he gets three hots and a cot at tax payer expense. Usually there's a possibility of parole (not always).

The victim? Oh yeah, they're dead.

Tell us where the justice is here?

Forgiveness may well come from the victim's family, but society has a larger span for justice.