Friday, June 12, 2009

Rev. Wright Says He Misspoke, But Really He Didn't, He Was Just Being Honest

President Obama's former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright says he "misspoke" when he said "them Jews" have kept him from seeing his most famous former congregant. What he meant to say was "them Zionists."

Yes, Rev. Wright, you did mean to say "them Zionists" but you certainly didn't misspeak. You were simply being more honest than you would have been had you said "Zionists."

Attacking Zionists is code for attacking Jews without appearing to be anti-Semitic (sort of like a white person referring to a group of blacks as "you people"). The reality is, with very rare exception, all Jews are Zionists . But since Zionism is seen as a political, not a religious movement, it's O.K. to attack "them Jews" by calling them "them Zionists."

Your attempt, Rev. Wright, to correct your verbal misstep really does all of us a favor. Because it reveals you and others of your ilk for who you really are. Jew haters.

Zionism, simply put, is the belief in the right of the state of Israel to exist. A tiny Jewish nation created as safe haven for the Jews after the Holocaust. So if you are an anti-Zionist, Rev. Wright, then you are anti-Jewish in my book.

Everyone knows that had you said "them Zionists" you would have been referring specifically to "them Jews" in the Obama administration. Not the Christians or Muslims or atheists or agnostics in the White House who are Zionists because they believe in Israel's right to exist.

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