Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shooting At Holocaust Museum Topic On News Talk Online On Paltalk

The shooting of a guard by an elderly man wielding a rifle in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC will be the topic of today's News Talk Online on

At least one local television station is reporting that a guard who was shot by the gunman has now died. He had been listed in grave condition.

Other security guards wounded the assailant who was also rushed to a hospital for treatment. Authorities say he may be associated with white supremacy and may have had a long-time hatred for Jews.

Former NYPD officer and security consultant Gary Moskowitz will joins us as a guest today at 5 PM New York time to talk about the shootings. Moskowitz has developed a program designed to help religious institutions protect themselves against attacks such as these.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, as a Christian, I want to say that I deplore this kind of action. I also tend to think that those who do such acts have probably had their mind poisoned over the years and may well be mentally disturbed.

That being said, it has become popular to compare these types of incidents to the actions of Al Queda et al.

I have even read blogs and opinion articles talking about how there is no difference between Christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism (thank you Rosie O'Donnel.)

But what they miss is that Christian "fundamentalism" involves and encompasses a body of doctrinal beliefs which have NOTHING to do with killing people for heavenly reward (as Islamic fundamentalism does.)

The "fundamentals" of Christianity involve the person, work and nature of Christ, the key doctrines of the trinity, the incarnation, salvation, and the return of Christ. NOWHERE do our fundamentals call of a Jihad of any shape, form or size.

Those who cannot tell the difference between these oddball events and the events which surrounded 911, need to get a reality check. One man does something horrific. That's terrible. But let's keep it in perspective.

-LD McLellan