Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swine Flu About To Hit The Headlines Again

Swine flu. Remember that huge story that just kind of faded away?

No longer a problem. Not a danger of becoming a pandemic. No worries about the ol' swine flu. That's the impression the decidedly muted coverage of the swine flu leaves us.

Well, that's about to all change.

How do I know? Because Reuters is reporting that the World Health Organization is on the verge of declaring a swine flu pandemic.

Yes I know. Very few of us know anyone who has been stricken much less killed. But there you have it. The first declaration of a flu pandemic in more than 40 years is about to be announced.

According to the story, they are keeping this on the hush hush for now because they want to give nations and health organizations around the world ample advance notice to be prepared to help mitigate public reaction to the announcement. Translated that means, they want to avert a public panic.

Look, I'm no doctor so don't take my word for it. But ask your doctor if I'm right. Whether there's a swine flu pandemic declared or not. Whether there's even a flu season or not. The prudent thing to do is wash your hands often during the day. And cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough.

And if you feel sick, don't go to work or to school. Your boss or your teacher should understand your decision to stay home.

Oh, and if you get a sudden onslaught of flu like symptoms, you need to see a doctor quickly so you can be properly treated. If they don't start treatment right away, it could put your health - and your life - at risk.


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