Friday, June 5, 2009

Wilders Picks Up Support As Politics Shift In Europe


Many people find Dutch politician Geert Wilders' voice a troubling one. He is a strong anti-immigration advocate. But many feel that he is an Islamaphobic and he's been banned from entering the UK over fears that his presence would promote hate speech and social disorder. But while some find his comments disturbing, on the home front, Wilders is picking up support.

Wilders, a filmmaker whose work warns that Islam threatens Western civilization, is getting an indication today that his message is gaining ground as election exit polling shows that his is now the second largest Dutch Party in the European parliament. Couple that with a shift to the right in the UK with the extreme right-wing BNP party picking up a seat from Labour in a county election and the Conservatives picking up seats as well.

Partially related to this, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is re-shuffling his cabinet in a last ditch effort to hold onto power as his Labour party has lost seats in local council elections. Projections are that Labour will lose ground as well in the European parliamentary elections. The bigger albatross around Brown's neck is the expense scandal that has rocked the UK. The latest casualty, his home secretary, Jacqui Smith, who resigned earlier this week over irregularities reported in her expense accounts.

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Well in point of view its a faliure of the of prime minister of uk MR.Gordon and govt. policy