Monday, July 13, 2009

Bibi Pushes For Peace

His public persona is of a hardliner but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suddenly and with a degree of urgency pushing for peace talks with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Netanyahu says he will meet with Abbas anyplace, anytime. He wants to meet with Abbas immediately.

His comments follow a more hardened approach by Abbas, who is demanding continuity between the Gaza and West Bank and is pushing strongly for a Palestinian right of return. Abbas is also expressing strong objection to the Israeli West Bank settlements which he calls an obstacle to peace.


Anonymous said...

Is this not the same dance the US has been wasting time and money on since the 1960s? Nothing will change. Israel will continue to throttle the remaining pockets of Palestinians out of existence. It is not possible that the US will ever react to any outrage Israel perpetrates, up to and including building de facto death camps for the Palestinian Problem.

Future joke in Israel: "What did the last Palestinian say when he died?"

Gordon Wagner

Gary Baumgarten said...

That all sounds ominous Gordon except, according to the Guardian newspaper the Palestinian population is up by some 30 percent as of February, 2008. Citation: