Friday, July 31, 2009

Brits Launch Iraq Inquiry - Yanks Should Too

British troops in Iraq

It's pretty obvious the British government followed the U.S. lead into the Iraq war. Now, many people in the United States no doubt are wishing the United States would follow the UK and launch an inquiry into the war in Iraq.

Many of the same questions that are expected to be raised by the British panel need to be answered here as well. What was the source of the intelligence that led the world to believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction? What did the government really know about that claim? Was it really duped into believing something that turned out to be - with tragic results - untrue? Or was it the intel planted to justify an Iraq invasion that was prompted by other reasons?

The British inquiry will also look at the conduct of its troops in country. If for no other reason that purposes of national reconciliation, a similar look at U.S. military conduct should be conducted as well. Most of us are confident that such an investigation would conclude that, with rare exception, the U.S. troops have - and are continuing - to act in exemplary fashion.

As for those who would try members of the Bush administration for alleged war crimes - I leave that issue for another day. But an inquiry, based on one that's being conducted in Britain, would go a long way toward helping form a consensus - one way or another - about that as well.


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Anonymous said...

This is the only way to restore confidence in the US administration and how it exercise force. It is also the only way forward to allow commanders to command their soldiers in the region - knowing that their cause is just. Read your constitution: How can a country be "free" and allow lies to prevail (in the meaning take command, remain - not the "other meaning as in "We Shall prevail"").

Anonymous said...

Be carefull before deciding whether this will be a worth while exercise. Every one is still debating whether the Butler Inquiry of 2004 met up with the expectations of the public. It was intended to consider the intelligence leading up to the war, including the Weapons of Mass Destruction. but concluded that no one was to blame for mistakes made.

One thing we can say is that this time the government was forced by public opinion etc to change a number of things in the remit of the inquiry. So, who knows, maybe real decisions will happen this time.

see link to Butler inqiury below.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will came out from this inquiry because this is a open secrete that both U.S. and Britain purposefully attack on Iraq.They want oil of Iraq.Suppose some truth [whole world know that]came out, what will happen, can British parliament hang to Tony Blair? This inquiry is farce to make the fool to world.

Ramesh Raghuvanshi

Anonymous said...

I wish we would lead an inquiry into the war in Iraq. The U.K. has even determined that a large kidnapping and execution of its contractors seems to have been done by Iraqi officials wanting to hide billions of dollars in embezzeled funds.

The more we look, the more corruption we find. Unfortunately I'm not expecting a majority of Democrats to suddenly grow a backbone and decide that it's time to launch an inquiry. These are the same people who refused to consider impeaching Bush.