Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cellphone Towers Can Predict Floods

Many municipalities debate whether or not cellphone towers should be put up in their environs. some people argue they're needed for good coverage in the event of emergencies. But others say they are an eyesore and - so what if it means a dropped call or two? Better that than dotting the landscape with more ugly towers. But if those municipalities who have been rejecting cellphone towers are in a flood plain, they might want to reassess their positions.

That's because researchers at Tel Aviv University say they've determined that cellphone towers can actually predict floods.

Believe it or not, their research finds that condensation around a cell tower can determine whether flooding is imminent. And if so, can give people an early warning to get out of Dodge before the rivers and streams overflow their banks.

It has to with the interaction between cellphone signals and humidity.

How they even came upon the idea of studying this relationship in the first place is beyond me. But they're claiming that the data provides information about potential flooding never available before.


Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/west846/2622549562/

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