Tuesday, July 7, 2009

China Blocks Twitter, Facebook Again

You can tell things are getting out of hand in China's Xinjiang province. The communist government has blocked Twitter and Facebook again.

The last thing the government wants is the truth to come out about what's going on between Muslims and Chinese Hans - and how the government is cracking down on the rioting that's killed more than 150 people thus far.

Of course, censorship is nothing new when it comes to Red China. The government wants filtering programs put on all computers sold in China. It restricted coverage of demonstrations during the Olympics - in contravention of Olympic rules and agreed to conduct of China as a host nation. It's cut New Tang Dynasty television satellite feeds into the nation. And it has previously and continues to limit access to other social networking sites.

When a government like China - or Iran - limit access to the Internet it means the regime has something to hide. One only wonders what actions will be taken in Xinjiang to put down the rioting. Clearly, whatever the measures employed, they will be done now behind a shroud of secrecy.

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Anonymous said...


Don't get me wrong, but a tiny, sarcastic part of my brain is wondering if maybe China's got it right about Facebook and Twitter. Just a thought.

Walter Blevins